Hey, I’m Jenny! I love colour and all things craft-related (I’ve been a keen cross-stitcher since the age of 7). After having the opportunity to try many different crafts, I decided to set up a blog to document all the crafts and projects I’d been involved with, and also begin designing and making my own pieces to sell via Etsy.

Crafting is such a wonderful thing because it can be accessible to all, and it is amazing and joyful to create something unique by hand. With JELOUdesigns I want to celebrate all that is beautiful in the world and share my enjoyment of crafting – especially crafts I have tried for the first time.

Many of the pieces sold in my shop are inspired by the colours and symbols of the LGBT+ community, but all items can be treasured and appreciated by anyone, regardless of orientation. You just have to be a fan of colour! #loveislove

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