JELOUdesigns has been set up as a site for me to share my experiences with different crafts, as well as a platform to showcase the pieces I make and sell in my Etsy shop. As it’s still very early days, currently any money I earn only helps to cover my costs rather than being profit. It will likely be a long time before this changes! I create things mainly for fun, not for money.


All content on this website is written by me. I don’t currently have any guest posts or authors, however do contact me if this is something you would be interested in.


Please feel free to link to my blog posts or shop – if you do, please do not copy/paste or repost but instead share a direct link and picture. All photographs are taken by me unless otherwise stated.

Featured Companies & Products

Sometimes I mention companies or products in my blog posts – these have always been included because I chose to (either because I bought or tried the products myself, or have been involved with the companies in some capacity, such as attending a workshop). I will always indicate whether or not I have received any incentive for featuring these companies and products in the footer of the post, however the final decision of whether (and what) to feature is mine. I will only accept products or services for review if it is something I would probably use anyway and if I think it would be interesting for you to read about! In all cases, all opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.

Affiliate links

Links marked with * indicate affiliate links through which I earn a small commission (pennies!) if someone clicks through to an item and makes a purchase. I only link to products I have used or would actually use. Links without a * are not affiliate links.


From time to time, you may see ads on this site. Some of these are controlled by WordPress (the blogging software I use), and others are affiliate links or banners organised on a case-by-case basis.

Sponsored Content

I don’t currently have any sponsored content on the site, but when I do it will be highlighted in the disclaimer footer for the specific post. Sponsored content works by a brand or company giving me a small payment in return for writing about or linking to a company or product. I will only ever work with brands and companies I would use myself and that I think would be of interest to people reading this blog.

Questions? Want to work with me?

If you have questions, want to write a guest post, or are a brand interested in working with me on sponsored content/product reviews, please do contact me.