Wreath Making Taster

Having enjoyed the Advent Calendar Making workshop run by Hobbycraft the week before as part of their 12 Makes of Christmas, I was excited to be attending the wreath making workshop! I’ve never made a wreath before, and I’m always happy to have new festive decorations to add to my collection.

I didn’t go in with a specific design in mind as I wasn’t sure what materials we’d be working with. I’ve seen really effective wreaths made out of ribbons, paper flowers, and the more traditional materials.

At the store, we had a variety of materials to choose from, including foam, twig or pine bases and an array of embellishments such as tiny glittery birds, cinnamon sticks and orange slices, pine cones, holly and berries and more!

I decided to play it safe and grabbed a twig base and then a few nice decorations I could easily glue-gun on!

Wreath-making in progress! With the full 10 attendees, it was a hive of activity. / Photo: JELOUdesigns
My finished wreath! It was surprisingly easy to make (yay for glue guns!). / Photo: JELOUdesigns

As with the advent calendar workshop, it cost just £10 to attend and with all materials included. Some people who didn’t finish their creations within the allocated hour were permitted to take a few embellishments away so they could finish their designs at home. It felt like reasonable value given the variety of adornments on offer, but the work area was quite small for the number of people and wreaths!

Festive wreath adorning my front door! / Photo: JELOUdesigns

I’ve really enjoyed the Hobbycraft workshops and would definitely like to try something similar again. Hopefully they’ll put some up again next year, or some more in the meantime!

Have you tried out the workshops this year or made your own wreaths and advent calendars? I’d love to hear about your experiences and ideas!

==== Summary ====

Suitable for beginners? Very easy for beginners to do!

Minimum age? Recommend adult supervision for children and a minimum age of 10+ due to risk of injury from the glue guns (they’re hot!) and wire cutting (sharp!).

Accessibility? I found the glue gun the easiest thing to use as the wire can get very fiddly and difficult to manipulate. Though you have to be very careful with glue guns not to burn your fingers as the glue comes out extremely hot (and the guns can also get very warm).

Fun factor? 7/10 – pretty easy to make, but as I’ve used glue guns before I’d have preferred learning new techniques (like making ribbons/paper flowers).

===== Shopping list =====

  • Foam, twig or pine bases from Hobbycraft
  • Embellishment packs from Hobbycraft
  • Ribbons from Hobbycraft (or leftover scraps)
  • Glue & glue gun from Hobbycraft

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was not asked by Hobbycraft to write this post nor given any incentive from them in exchange for writing it – I paid for my own ticket, and it is purely a record of my own experience. 

Links marked with * indicate affiliate links through which I make a small commission (pennies!) if someone clicks through to an item and makes a purchase. I only link to products I have used or would actually use. Links without a * are not affiliate links.

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