Throwback Project: Kids’ Alphabet Cross-Stitch Kit by Bothy Threads

As you’ll know from reading this blog, cross-stitch is my main crafting hobby. It’s so relaxing to settle down with a pile of colourful threads and slowly see a picture come to life (and gives my hands something to fiddle with while I watch the latest shows on Netflix!).

One of my favourite kits that I’ve made so far is the kids’ alphabet from Bothy Threads. They do two versions of this kit – a lowercase and uppercase alphabet. When my niece was born, I decided to stitch the uppercase alphabet so that she and my nephew could learn the alphabet!

I completed this kit in early 2018, and my family have been admiring it ever since.

The finished design – alphabet cross-stitch in a blue frame

This kit was so much fun to stitch. There were lots of colourful threads, and I loved that each letter had its own little picture to stitch. It was like doing 26 mini projects in one!

Detail of the cross-stitch. Each letter and picture took me no more than 1-2 hours to complete.

I completed this project in a couple of months – each letter and picture only took 1-2 hours to stitch (whilst watching Netflix…) so it’s a pretty quick one as large kits go, probably taking between 40-50 hours in total.

And finally… as everyone always asks to see the reverse of my designs, here’s what this one looks like! It’s fairly neat but not the best I’ve ever done.


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